Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Okay, so I am now officially tweeting on Twitter. And although my address book is not all that long, I have discovered that I am the trendsetter and am the first one to take the plunge. All I can think is "Hold on tight cuz this is gonna be a wild ride!"
So now I am trying to find people/groups to "follow". So far I've gotten The Onion, Weird Al Yankovic, UW-Mad SLIS (which has nothing posted), and Dan Carlin, the host of Hardcore History. I wonder if The Scotsman is on Twitter....I'll check after I post this. Hmmmm.
Twitter seems to be pretty easy to navigate at this point. Maybe it will be the gift that keeps on giving; every time I log on I find something new!
My profile picture is not of me. It's of the Peter Rabbit stuffed animal from Freeport Public Library. I don't really like putting my face online. So if you find a rabbit in a blue coat, you've really found me! Just like on this blog. How convenient!
The whole "what are you doing?" question is a bit overwhelming to answer. Do I give a witty answer? Completely honest? Brutally honest? Sarcastic? How about making faces? No emoticons at the moment. Pity. And how often must I update? Is there any way to update too much? I must think on this problem. *wander into cave to stew on it*

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lifelong learners

Ah yes...lifelong learning. This phrase seems to be the most important concept of my educational career.
In order to somehow keep teachers from becoming stuck in a rut, we now are expected to attend classes until we die. Just to prove that I'm not completely jaded by the whole thing, please allow me to point out that some teachers go to classes, learn a whole bunch of new stuff, and then never use it because they're close to retirement and don't care. Or, there is a difference in philosophy between teachers and administrators and all that new knowledge goes sailing out the window. Regardless of the reason, the fact remains that nothing new has made its way into the classroom.
On the other hand, students are taught to be lifelong learners as well. This is a worthwhile philosophy that needs to be pursued in a more realistic approach. No child is going to be inspired
by a teacher who merely lectures from the front of the classroom all period.
I truly believe that curiosity needs to be involved in learning. Even if a student isn't completely wowwed by the subject matter, there is usually something that makes them ask "why" or "how". Using that as a springboard, students will see that they can find something interesting everytime they are presented with a new situation/dilema/ problem.
It would be encouraging to see parents and other adults outside of the educational environments modeling this. Just because a teacher is seen involved in their course of study does not mean a student is going to think it translates into "the real world". Teachers are supposed to be studying about what they teach, that has nothing to do with me...but it does. Everyone is interested in something. Even the people who create the videogam (Go Pacman!) is seen as quaint and archaic now. Gamers need the next big thing and videogame creators are constantly trying to make things better, faster, flashier, and more exciting. A hobby may very well turn into a career option in the future; but if a kid doesn't see adults around him or her pursuing what they are interested in, how will they learn how to delve into things on their own? Lifelong learners also need to learn how to become self-motivating and sustaining. Seeing Dad in the woodshop every weekend because he wants to be, not because a teacher is standing over him with a grade, can go an awful long way in showing how it can be done.

New to all this

This blog is actually part of an on-going assignment for my gradutate class. Already, I am so completely lost, it will be a miracle that this even makes it online. I don't read blogs, and have never written one before. But, I will fail fantastically and leave everyone scratching their heads thinking "Eh?"
Each week I will be posting on an activity or discovery; the theme will be from a list already made up for the students' convenience.
Happy reading!