Saturday, October 17, 2009

Things 10, 11 and 12

#10--Image Generator

I went to The Generator Blog and linked to and created my own tartan. It was really fun trying out the different colors, yarn counts, and orientations. Here is the link to my creation "Orangeville Normal" I'm not good at embedding images so I'll have to insert the picture some other time. I also used the Name Masher with my name and my fiancee's. Jeff+Ericka apparently equals Jicka. That almost sounds like some sort of profane slang. Thanks, but I'll pass.

#11--Library Thing

This is also something I've had to do for a class in the past. It was only last year, but I created an account and never used it. Not enough time. Don't read anything not required for class or figuring out where to put in the collection at school. Here is the link to my catalog: I cannot imagine a time where I will seriously use this. It certainly has a worthwhile purpose, but I'm just not online for personal reasons. Even for this assignment I wasn't able to be online very long because of other assignments.


This is something completely new. I've never heard of this before even in passing. I like the idea of being able to keep related links together. I do this with my Delicious account already, but this does seem a bit more organzied. The site was really slow, though. I had a terrible time keeping connected to the site most of the time. It took me three days to get one search roll done. But it was worth it! I wasn't sure what to roll, and as I sat at the computer, I thought about my research project for 639; I'm fascinated by German culture. That would be a good topic to do a search roll for. I didn't find 25 sites, but I did get more than I originally thought. One just seemed to lead to another. This would be a good source for teachers if they do a Web Quest assignment. I must see if Rollyo is blocked by our filter. More than likely it is, but one never knows, and I can always try to bribe the tech coordinator into unblocking it.

Things 8 & 9

#8--Bloglines and RSS feeds
This was an interesting assignment. I had done a little work with RSS feeds in my undergrad classes at Whitewater, but that was so long ago that I might as well have not done anything with them. As helpful as I can see them being, I am not at liberty to be online very much if it doesn't pertain to school or work. That is my life right now. And even now that I'm supposed to be keeping up with Bloglines, I don't. There is not enough time for me to get everything done on the most basic level, let alone those that are not on the syllabus or calendar. Maybe once I graduate I will have time to do other things. *snort* yeah right. It didn't take me too long to get back into the swing of things for the most part, but I still feel a little disconcerted about it all.
I subscribed to quite a few RSS feeds for the assignment. I even managed to find our local paper and subscribed to the food section. Yum! New recipes on a weekly's a good thing (sorry, Martha, it was too perfect to pass up!) According to the assignment, I was to find some library blogs. I found Unshelved and promptly subscribed. As much as I love my job and am a professional, there are times with a little sarcasm and irony are just the thing I need. I also subscribed to The Shifted Librarian, Library Stuff, Resource Shelf, and

Monday, October 5, 2009

Explorations Week 4

This has nothing to do with the 23 Things, but I need to blow off some steam.
Our big assignment due this week is creating 16 citations using encyclopedias and dictionaries, both online and print. This does not sound like a horribly involved assignment. You find the sources, cite them and send them in, right? Wrong!
It has taken me 4 days to get everything formatted the same way. When I hit the "cite" button on the online resources, every site is different, even though it's all MLA. Then I look through my research toolkits from other classes and find that those are different from the citations I've already worked with. I never did find a way to cite on online dictionary.
I have a bad feeling about this one. It's been so long since I've had to do a works cited page that I'm beginning to forget how to do it. And now MLA is doing revisions, so the way I learned them is now obsolete. I feel like an idiot.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Things 5-7

This weeks' Things have been a mixed bag.

#5. I used to have a Flickr account. When I went to Scotland with my class from UW-Whitewater, we all agreed to open a Flickr account and share photos. Out of 8, two of us did it. Actually, three, but the other one never did much. It was a flop. Loved the idea, but the implentaion wasn't there. The use of photo albums would have been nice if I didn't have to buy more space. I had two albums and then was told to either pay up or I had to make peace that this was it. After a year of trying to get the other to contribute, I gave up and just never went back to do other things with the pictures. Needless to say, I can't remember my login info so they are stuck in cyberspace for all time. Flickr was really easy to use, though. As techno illiterate as I was back then (not implying that I am that much more literate now, but that's besides the point), it was super easy to get pictures loaded onto the site, labeled and into the appropriate album. Sharing with my one other friend in the group was nice. I could save her pics and use them when I had to make a powerpoint for my church ladies' group. (You only have to talk for 45 min......)

#6. I have used mashups with another site. I belong to a Halloween group and we all put ourselves on a mashup map using Mappr. The pic I chose doesn't load because it's too big, so I'm currently working on getting it resized. It's really nice being able to see who lives where and what everyone looks like! On a side note, feel free to drop by and see what we're all about. Guests are more than welcome to read posts, they just can't contribute to the threads until they join. I am still trying to get the Flickr SpellIt to work, but everytime I try to run it my computer freezes. I will continue to try to get it to work, updates will be following.

#7. Anything technology related that interests me. Hmmmmm...I'm having a love affair with iTunes at the moment. iTunes helped out our JH language arts teacher last year. We participate in the Rebecca Caudill Award (IL state program for 4-8th graders) and Red Kayak was so popular that the teacher integrated it into her curriculum. When they read a book, they try to listen to it as well to catch all the audio learners. We could not find an audio version of that book through anyone. We tried all the usual suspects and came up empty-handed every time. Out of sheer desperation, I tried iTunes and BINGO, there it was! So it got downloaded to my account, my ipod and played in her classroom. After that, I looked at all of the audiobooks and podcasts that were there. I'm still not sure what the copyright issues are with iTunes, but it's blocked at our school. (Hate CIPA!!! But I digress again.) I have burned a few old time radio shows to CD's to play around Halloween. Old meets New; the kids like listening to the campy radio shows and then go home to see what they can find on iTunes themselves. We have had quite a few interesting conversations about why I can't play certain ones in school. (I don't care if you think it's a good story, the content is not appropriate for school!")