Saturday, October 17, 2009

Things 10, 11 and 12

#10--Image Generator

I went to The Generator Blog and linked to and created my own tartan. It was really fun trying out the different colors, yarn counts, and orientations. Here is the link to my creation "Orangeville Normal" I'm not good at embedding images so I'll have to insert the picture some other time. I also used the Name Masher with my name and my fiancee's. Jeff+Ericka apparently equals Jicka. That almost sounds like some sort of profane slang. Thanks, but I'll pass.

#11--Library Thing

This is also something I've had to do for a class in the past. It was only last year, but I created an account and never used it. Not enough time. Don't read anything not required for class or figuring out where to put in the collection at school. Here is the link to my catalog: I cannot imagine a time where I will seriously use this. It certainly has a worthwhile purpose, but I'm just not online for personal reasons. Even for this assignment I wasn't able to be online very long because of other assignments.


This is something completely new. I've never heard of this before even in passing. I like the idea of being able to keep related links together. I do this with my Delicious account already, but this does seem a bit more organzied. The site was really slow, though. I had a terrible time keeping connected to the site most of the time. It took me three days to get one search roll done. But it was worth it! I wasn't sure what to roll, and as I sat at the computer, I thought about my research project for 639; I'm fascinated by German culture. That would be a good topic to do a search roll for. I didn't find 25 sites, but I did get more than I originally thought. One just seemed to lead to another. This would be a good source for teachers if they do a Web Quest assignment. I must see if Rollyo is blocked by our filter. More than likely it is, but one never knows, and I can always try to bribe the tech coordinator into unblocking it.

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