Saturday, November 14, 2009

Things 18 & 19

#18-Online productivity
Okay, so I chickened out on embedding my spreadsheet from Zoho to the blog. The thought of having it searchable by web crawlers creeped me out. It was only a test sheet, but still; not everyone on the planet needs to see what some of my assignments were about. Geesh! But beyond that, I thought using Zoho was amazingly simple. I love the fact that you can use your Google account to access it, and it saves in formats that any platform can open. I'm thinking this is like Open Office? Or is that another name for the same thing? I didn't see that anywhere, but that doesn't mean anything. Maybe now I will be able to create a document, save it, attach it to an email and send it out to fellow staffers knowing they will actually be able to open it! Some of us are still on Windows XP or 2003 while others have been upgraded to 7. It depends on which building you are in and which department you belong to. My mother is the high school secretary and sends out daily announcements as an email attachment. She has Windows 7 while most of the faculty does not. She received quite a few emails asking her to please resend them in another format that first day! Using Zoho could have cleared that up. I have to open up my class lectures and assignments at school using a student computer because our two home computers and my staff computer at work do not open docx files. Yet another case for Zoho to save the day! That fact that it's free and doesn't require downloading and upgrades to computers makes it hard to beat.

#19-SEO Winners List
This list was so amazing that I saved it to my Favorites list. Most of them I have never heard of, but that ones that did sound familiar were either ranked 1 or 2. I have learned from the best, regardless of the situation!
Taking the advise of Helene at PLCMC, only looking at one, I tried out "ImCooked" in the food section (#1 rank). *snort* Loved the Chicken Satay-ser episode by Average Betty. Not only do you get a great recipe for grilled chicken, you can also find out about self-defense with the "Satay-ser". 100 megavolts of organ grilling power! It took a while to stop laughing long enough to analyze what I saw.

I am wondering of "Wordle" would be eligible to be on the list. I found out about this at Highland Community College on the last night of my practicum. Located at you can create 8.5"x11" posters by simply typing in words. There is no registration, it's free, and you can create as many as you want. There is a gallery for ideas, but if you don't have to send your image to the gallery if you don't want to. Just don't save it. Beware, though: some computers won't let the image load because a firewall doesn't allow JAR files through. I am trying to figure out how to override this on my own laptop.

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